Foto Lucia Buitrago
Foto Lucia Buitrago


Kirtan is the song of the soul longing the union with the Divine ……

GauraLila Kirtan is a duo consisting of Aksara and Susana. Aksara comes from Germany and Susana was born in Spain.

Aksara and Susana first met in Belgium while attending a Hindu studies course, after that they moved to Spain and they live together in Madrid.

Both lovers of ancient India and its ancient wisdom, both yoga students and teachers for many years, they first created their project where they offer yoga and kirtan retreats, workshops and daily yoga classes. In 2013  another project called “GauraLila Kirtan” took birth, where they decided to share their passion for kirtan (chanting of mantras).

GauraLila Kirtan emerges from a profound belief in music as an expression, as a universal language of love. Aksara and Susana understand chanting of mantras as a healing process of the heart and the soul.